One book july challenge 2020

I chanced upon ONE BOOK JULY CHALLENGE on You Tube last year, and I have taken up the challenge this year. There really is no rule according to the 4 ladies who came up with […]
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Thank you Mr. Guthrie

I have been sitting here for the last 20 minutes writing, deleting, rewriting and deleting and staring at the white space, trying to figure out how to convey my thoughts about what is happening currently […]
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Eat it out of the Oven

Baked this gouda cheese sourdough bread early this morning. People say always let the bread cool down before cutting it up but deep inside, everyone has the urge to cut into a “just-out-oven” bread. And […]

Hello world, back again!

After many years of hiatus and backstage writing, we’ve decided to revive to allow fellow family contributors to share their thoughts and experiences. Seems that everyone has a lot to share nowadays. So, here […]
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In the good old days, like yesterday, I would have taken that scissors and snipped the friendship cord without a thought. Who knows, maybe tomorrow it will happen. Not today. Today, I think i went […]
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WRITING DOWN YOUR THOUGHTS CAN BE ADDICTIVE, ON PAPER OR OTHERWISE. I try to do so on paper almost everyday, but today i thought i would like to revert back to the digital dimension for […]