Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 has brought the world to a standstill. Everything that you know and do is no more. We are now living day to day at home with nowhere to go. Everyone has to change up their routine to accommodate this new normal that will be around a long while till a vaccine can be made to fight this invisible enemy.

Jade Pinkett Smith was discussing about how she actually is now learning that she does not really know her husband Will Smith after 23 years of marriage, and is now working on being friends with him. That actually made me think about my relationship with my husband of 21 years. Obviously, a healthy relationship is when both keeps on maturing but somehow still maintain a commitment to walk down that path together. It is when one or both start to meander off that path, which is not wrong to do at all, and not want to come back to that familiar but stale path is when it becomes unhealthy and sad.

Has Covid-19 helped me in discovering who my husband is? I wonder what he thinks of me and us since the lockdown. Is this a Venus versus Mars perspective? To answer my own question, I don’t know. It did not occur to me to do what Mrs Smith wants to do with her husband. We get into a routine because routines keep us mentally and physically stress free, correct? So if this new lifestyle is going to work, we will have to build a new routine. Is that what Mrs Smith is talking about?

I guess I always thought I am friends with my husband. Didn’t i start off the relationship with him by being his friend? Maybe not long enough. Is that what she is talking about? I guess it is not easy to upkeep that friend title long once you get married. We want to move up the ladder so to speak, as in you are now my spouse, then a parent, then a grandparent. Friend no longer exists. Hidden away in a closet.

I understand what she is saying now. I should dig into that closet to find Friend again.
Question is, do I want to?

It will be nice to keep on rambling, but no. The rest will not be here but in my journal.
#staysafe. #stayhome. We can do this.