One book july challenge 2020

I chanced upon ONE BOOK JULY CHALLENGE on You Tube last year, and I have taken up the challenge this year. There really is no rule according to the 4 ladies who came up with this challenge. I cannot remember who they are (does it matter? Google it if you really need more information). Pretty straightforward really. The premise is to try one journaling or planning system for a month. Read a book that has been in your radar and you have not had a chance to do so. Do a project that is different from any other ones (scrapbook, memory book, watercolor book ). Do all three and call it a day.

So here is my take: Digital daily journaling, Hardcover fantasy book 706 pages long and Coloring book.
How is it so far? Well, it is only 9 days into the month, so here is the breakdown.

Digital daily journaling: Not easy. I miss using my pens and inks and the accessories that come with it. I miss paper.That being said, I am actually enjoying my daily journaling on my IPad. I am using the most simple form of digital daily journaling i have found. Trust me, i searched and this one fell in my lap. It is by Paperlike. I am waiting on the screen saver to arrive. Apparently, once you have it on your screen, you are able to write on it like you are writing on paper. There will be some feedback whilst using the IPencil with it. I cannot wait to get that tactile feeling again. So, since i purchased the product, somehow, they are also letting you try their digital journal for free. I like it. It is just a blank page and you can do what you want with it. You have to unfortunately use it with a note taking app (you can already see how cunning these companies are, but that is the point of going digital!). Once you download onto the note taking app, you are able to go nuts with attaching photos, GIF, files and so on and so forth.

Here is my July 1st entry. It actually helps me to just jot down what is important for me. Practical. Now, if I need to write more, I can add pages and go nuts.For my appointments and daily teaching schedules, I have also decided to go digital. I am utilizing the calendar that comes with the iPad. It is also a good refresher for my brain!!

Physical book to read:I have been using the Kindle for many years now. I got tired of buying or borrowing physical books from the library and carrying it with me and then these books would take up space on my shelf. I love the Kindle. I still read on it and I will not give it up.

Once again, for my second challenge, i have decided to read a real book for this month. It took me 3 days before i picked it up and even then, i managed to only read not even a chapter. I am better now (this is already July 9th). I can concentrate better and cruising more than i thought i would.

Coloring book:I wish i know how to draw or paint, but alas, i am not creative enough. So, i am doing the next best thing that can be done with little or no effort. I think i bought this one when i was bored in Malaysia. There is another somewhere, and it was gifted to my daughter from her grandmother.  I might as well use it for the challenge! It is actually a good relaxing activity! One or two a day this month should do it.

It is only day 9 of the challenge and it will take time and patience to come to a conclusion. I will write again when the challenge is done. Till then, if you think you want to do this challenge, you do not have to wait till next year. Pick a month this year and try it out.

Challenge yourself. 

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