I try to do so on paper almost everyday, but today i thought i would like to revert back to the digital dimension for a bit. There is nothing like having a pen or pencil in your hand and opening up a fresh page in your journal, a rotten piece of paper or even a post it and just write. I can literally change my grip and my handwriting becomes different… hear the ever so not irritating scratching while you write if you have an ok nib and the quietness when you have a really lovely nib that just glides over paper like skating on ice. Then you have the varied ink colors that are available. Eye candy indeed. You can opt for the normal black or blue and that is fine too. I don’t know about you, but I have never regretted using pen and paper for snail mail or journaling or just plain everyday tasks.

Like everything else, choose wisely which door you pick!

Now, putting your thoughts down digitally doesn’t cost you much except it is rather boring to just see the words form in front of you pretty much the same with no variations, unless you start playing with the fonts and making it bold or not. Still nothing exciting. The amount of time used to write and type is probably the same for me. The keyboard makes a lot of difference. Some keyboards make very loud clicks and the one i am using at the moment is quiet enough. I prefer a typewriter if i have to make that much noise.

There really is not much to read here. I am just writing/ typing out my thoughts that somehow just popped in my head while I was out walking this morning. Social distancing and all. That tale is for another day. Not today. I seem to have run out of time, i have to teach soon.


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