In the good old days, like yesterday, I would have taken that scissors and snipped the friendship cord without a thought. Who knows, maybe tomorrow it will happen. Not today. Today, I think i went into a different room with her. A room that I don’t think I even knew existed until today. This room was terrifying. This room was menacing. This room challenged my rationale. This room was dark and cold and then grew very hot.This room made my blood boil and my voice grew louder by the second. This room made me confused and yet crystal clear as to what i wanted to convey. There were many faceted mirrors all around the room. I saw me. Different versions of me. The shy me. The arrogant me. The naive me. The selfish me. The stubborn me. The warrior me. The mother me. The woman me. Me. The perfect me. The imperfect me. The controlling me. The Lioness me. The me that cries easily watching a commercial. The me that is still learning to speak her mind carefully. The loose cannon me. The searching for wisdom me. The me that never speaks her mind because she feels she does not feel worthy. The me that just wants to be stronger and not afraid. Wow. Just looking at all the descriptions of me, it was no wonder that this room exhausted me after i stepped out. Stepped out? This room did not just have one door. It had another door. I understand it now. Enter, stay and go out the same door OR enter, stay and leave through the other door. Whichever door you opt for, is all up to you. Which door do you think I took?

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